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What is Hub IQ?

Hub IQ is your solution for Smart Mobile Engagement with your audience. Our Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP) is the control center for your mobile presence, helping you to connect and interact with your audience successfully on their mobile devices, while also tracking their activity.

Who is Hub IQ For?

Event Organizers • Exhibitors • Social Media Influencers • Network Marketers • Affiliate Marketers • Insurance Agents • Real Estate Agents • Installation & Repair Reps • Sales Reps • Sales Teams • Customer Service • Human Resources • Restaurants • Retail Stores • Colleges & Schools • Sports Teams & Leagues • HOAs • Communities & Apartments • Emergency Alert

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Hub IQ allows you to create and deliver your customizable Mobile Hub onto the mobile phone of your audience quickly and easily via text message.


Hub IQ allows you to capture the contact info of every user who accesses your Mobile Hub, while also allowing you to track and score their activity with analytics.


Hub IQ allows you to continually engage your audience where it matters most, on their mobile phone, through the use of outgoing text messages.


Percentage of people who always have their smartphone at their side


Percentage of marketers who believe that mobile marketing is at the core of their business.


Percentage of mobile users who say that easy access to content is very important to them.


Percentage of text messages on average that are opened by the person they are sent to.

Average number of minutes individuals spend on their mobile phone each day.


Percentage of people who check their phone at least once every 30 minutes.


Creators of the first Pure cloud

Mobile Engagement Platform

The Mobile Engagement Platform

Meet the players who are going to help you boost your mobile game!

Mobile Hub
The Mobile Hub is an easily customizable and mobile-friendly user interface containing links to all of your important information and calls to action, such as demo videos, case studies, social media pages, surveys, contest entry forms, digital marketing materials (PDFs), and so much more.

The HubLauncher is a single-field form which can be saved to your mobile phone or tablet. Simply enter a mobile phone number to trigger a text message containing your HubLink to that number.

The HubGate is an intelligent form that can be used as a gateway to capture additional information from your audience prior to granting them access to your Mobile Hub. The HubGate form can be enabled or disabled in your customer back-end, and you can also select which pieces of information you want to capture.


The HubLink is the clickable point of access that leads your audience to your Mobile Hub. The HubLink can be sent as a text message from your HubLauncher, or it can be copied and pasted into your social media profiles, posts and emails.


Hub Analytics allow you to track and qualify each user who accesses your Mobile Hub. You will be able to see which links each user clicks on your Hubs, and they will each be assigned with a customizable Lead Score based on their activity.


Immediately after registration you will be taken to your Customer Dashboard. Your Dashboard is where you can create and edit your Hubs using the Hub Manager, maintain your contact lists, view analytics, send outgoing text messages to your contacts, and manage your account information.

Hub IQ was founded upon the idea that mobile engagement between you and your audience could be, and should be, better.

With over 200 million smartphone users in the U.S. alone, reaching your audience on their phones has become more important than ever. Hub IQ recognized that native mobile apps are failing to create effective mobile engagement in the vast majority of situations where it is needed. Your audience wants to connect with you on their mobile phones, but they do not want to download a native mobile app to do it.

Hub IQ saw this disconnect and responded. We created the first cloud-based Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP) that creates a simple and effective exchange of information between you and your audience. No more native apps that require a download and updates. No more printed flyers or business cards that will get thrown away. Hub IQ has you covered with a unique combination of digital content delivery, lead capture, user tracking analytics, and text message communication.

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