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Students ❤️ Mobile Phones 

Students are using their mobile phones for more and more things on campus. It is their calendar, note-taker, reminder, alarm clock, and even how they apply for jobs while going to school. 

As an institution, Hub IQ allows you to communicate on their mobile phones using text messages. Text messages have an average open rate of 96% versus an average email open rate of 16%. 

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features and benefits.

Works on any device.

Our technology is cross-platform, meaning it was built so that any device can function seamlessly with our custom Hub Apps.

 Hub IQ is not an app that someone has to download either. Your custom Hub App is built so that anyone who can access the internet from a phone, tablet, or computer can engage with all of the content that your university has.

This is your school.

Using our platform, you are able to customize your Hub App with your branding, your logos, and your content.  

Every College, Department, and Student Organization can customize their Hub App and Students are able to choose which Hubs they want to follow and unfollow so they are only getting relative information based on their interests.

Hub Analytics.

Hub Analytics allow you to track and qualify each user who accesses your Hub Apps. You will be able to track which links gets the most traffic and track how many students are subscribed to updates. You will also be able to see which of your Hub Apps are being accessed the most, and which are receiving the most user interaction.

Always Safe. Always Secure. 

We understand how crucial PII data is and maintaining the privacy of your students which is why we strive to make it our #1 priority. We go beyond normal user experiences to show what students are agreeing to and when, with the option of opting out at anytime.


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