Hub IQ allows you to create and deliver your customizable Mobile Hub onto the mobile phone of your audience quickly and easily via text message.


Hub IQ allows you to capture the contact info of every user who accesses your Mobile Hub, while also allowing you to track and score their activity with analytics.


Hub IQ allows you to continually engage your audience where it matters most, on their mobile phone, through the use of outgoing text messages.

Create & Customize Your Mobile Hub

The nerve center of your mobile presence.

Deliver Mobile Content

Deliver content to your audience where they will read it and engage with it, on their mobile phone. Hub IQ makes creating digital content and delivering it to your audiences’ mobile phone easy through our user-friendly Hub Manager. Now your digital content can complement your printed material or replace it all together.

Capture Qualified Leads

Capture the contact information of your prospects through our intelligent HubGate form as they gain access to your Mobile Hub. Hub IQ also allows you to track the activity of your prospects on your Hub and assign lead scores based on their activity, so you can gauge your qualified leads. Unlike other lead retrieval systems, ours delivers your digital content instantly to their phone. 

Engage Your Audience

Engage your audience after they have accessed your Mobile Hub. SMS text messaging has the highest open and response rates of any engagement method. Hub IQ enables you to interact with your captured leads effectively via text message.The strategies of engagement via text messaging are endless.


Percentage of people who always have their smartphone at their side


Percentage of marketers who believe that mobile marketing is at the core of their business.


Percentage of mobile users who say that easy access to content is very important to them.


Percentage of text messages on average that are opened by the person they are sent to.

Average number of minutes individuals spend on their mobile phone each day.


Percentage of people who check their phone at least once every 30 minutes.


Creators of the first Pure cloud

Mobile Engagement Platform

Hub IQ was founded upon the idea that mobile engagement between you and your audience could be, and should be, better.

With over 200 million smart phone users in the U.S. alone, reaching your audience on their phones has become more important than ever. The mobile native app simply was not cutting it, with increasingly lower adoption rates, high learning curves, lack of two-way communication and complexity with set up and updating, the app is simply becoming a convoluted and obsolete method for reaching your audience on their phones.

We at Hub IQ saw this trend and responded. We created the first Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP) that created an exchange of information between you and your audience. We incorporated two-way texting capability and a mobile web-based app, containing all of your pertinent calls to action and lead gen tools in a simple interface, that doesn’t require a download.

Hub IQ has set out to enhance your face-to-face engagements by arming you with a Mobile Hub that both you and your audience will love. No more printed flyers they will throw away, apps they have to download or business cards they have to store. With a simple, familiar interface to the user and two-way texting capabilities, reaching your audience on their mobile phones has never been easier or smarter.

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