3 Ways You Can Mobile-Optimize Booth Experience at Events | Hub IQ

As predicted, 2016 became the year of the mobile device. We saw site traffic continue to swing to mobile. Most websites are seeing over 50% of their traffic come from mobile devices. The latest Google algorithm updates delivered consequences for sites that weren’t responsive to mobile. It’s become common place to test emails for mobile devices.

There is all this focus to accommodate mobile in just about every aspect of business, with the exception of events at the booth level. Businesses are still printing their materials (which just ends up in the trash) and they are still waiting on post email following up (which just gets lost in the inbox) rather than during the show on mobile devices. For whatever reason, booth marketing at events has not progressed with everything else. Here are 3 ways you can optimize your booth experience for mobile users.

1. Make all of your content digitally friendly. So many times we spend so much money on our pretty brochures and slicks, but we fail to make them available online for download. Put a link up on your social sites for the duration of the show that leads them to a page where your booth materials can be downloaded. This also virtually extends your booth reach.

2. Offer something redeemable through text messaging. Are you giving something away at your booth? In order to get it, make them give you their cell number and tell them the winner will be notified via text. Why? Because of texting duh! Now you can text them. You can text them and tell them they didn’t win, but you still have something for them at your booth. This increases their chances of coming back, this will certainly make you more memorable and you are going to get their attention. After all, who doesn’t read texts?

3. Embrace social. Find a way to encourage social media use at your booth. Attendees don’t have computers, so they will use their phone for social media. Find a way to capitalize on that. Once you have established a social connection, your chances of continued conversation increase exponentially. After the show tweet at them or message them on Linkedin. How do you get them to be social at your booth? I could write a whole post just on this, but here just a few quick ideas.

Selfies! love or hate ’em, they are here to stay. Give them a reason to take a selfie. Whether it be costumes, a dress up or contest. Find that line between fun and hokey and go with it.

Hashtag Contests. Give away something, and in order to enter, they have to use a hashtag of your choosing. Now you have an easy reference point to further communication.


There is a tool out there that can do all of this for you called Hub IQ. They will create a mobile hub for you where you can digitally store all of your booth collateral, add social links and offer other pertinent info and calls to action. Then they make it easy to access for booth visitors by way of text code. It enables you to deliver info to their phone and capture their cell number to text throughout the show and afterwards. Try it yourself, text “explore” to 95577.