5 Engagement Methods You Should Use At Your Next Tradeshow | Hub IQ

Gamification is a buzzword in the world of trade shows and events right now, and with good reason. As an exhibitor or event organizer, it’s very important for you to engage attendees before, during and after the show. Hub IQ provides an effective way for you to engage show attendees on their mobile phones through gamification. Below are just a few ideas to help you use our product to further engage attendees. You can also apply these same games using other methods, however for the sake of this post we will look at these games through the use of Hub IQ.

1. Where is Waldo?

Game: Have someone from your booth walk the show floor with a distinguishing factor to their appearance (i.e. tshirt with your logo or something even more fun). The first person to find them gets a prize in exchange for a form fill on your Mobile Hub.

Implementation: To start the game, you will send out a text to all the attendees you have been gathering info from using Hub I. This text will explain the rules of the game. You can describe the person they must find in the text or lead them then back to your Mobile Hub where you have posted a picture of your “Waldo” (this is a preferred method as they will have to visit your Hub with all your content on it yet again).

2. Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are!

Game: The first person to come to your booth an recite the magic phrase, wins a prize.

Implementation: As people come by the booth encourage them to access your hub (Which automatically captures their phone number) and tell them at some point in the show you will send out a text that will have a phrase that they have to come to your booth and say to get the prize. You can limit the number of winners, but we suggest you have at least something for everyone that responds. In order for them to enter your contest, they will have had to already submit some information to you. This way you will be exposing attendees to your booth and hub for at least a second time.

3. Booth Jeapordy!

Game: Put a Quiz on your Mobile Hub about your product or service or industry. If they pass the quiz they get a prize. Simple way to educate and collect info. You can also do tiered prizes based on their score.

Implementation: Create a mobile friendly quiz with your Hub IQ Success Team and stick on your hub where they can take it with their Mobile Hub. You can either send a text asking them to take the quiz and return to show you the results, or you can just require them to take it on the spot. We like the first option best as it is a little more fun.

4. Mobile Easter Egg Hunt

Game: In an effort to get your booth visitors to look at your content, put an “easter egg” somewhere in your content, whether it be a picture or keyword, when they find it, they can either come tell you what they found, or they can fill a form where the answer is a required field and they must submit more contact info and the right answer to get their prize.

Implementation: You will need to prepare the ester egg in advance and hide it somewhere on a piece of content. Then you will host the content on your Mobile Hub. If you want to get really into it, you can have different levels of easter eggs that get different prizes. Then at some point in the show send out a text announcing the contest and then direct them to your Mobile Hub.

5. Drawing

Game: This one is simple, they simply have to text your keyword to your Mobile Hub and fill out a form that enters them into your drawing. This also exposes them to the content on your Mobile Hub. At some point in the show text everyone to come find out who the winner is at your booth, or better yet text everyone and tell them the winner is announced on the Mobile Hub so they have to get back on your hub to find out who won.

Implementation: Create a Q-link on your hub where they can enter into the contest. Then send out a text at some point in the show announcing the contest and the rules with a link to your Mobile Hub.

These are just a few of the many engagement style games you can implement into your show strategy. These games have have had huge successes at each of our shows. Whether you use Hub IQ or not, we hope they at least get your creative juices flowing.