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Hub IQ’s Mobile Hub is the nerve center of your mobile presence. Your Hubs contain customizable icons that link to your most important information and calls to action. The Mobile Hub intentionally resembles a home screen of a smartphone so that users can easily navigate your content on its mobile-friendly interface. The Mobile Hub is also an alternative to a mobile app in that it does not require the user to download anything to their phone, and it can be accessed quickly via text message. This ease of access provides your audience with the most simple and effective way to connect with you on their mobile phone.

Hub IQ has developed a user-friendly Hub Manager for you to use in your customer back-end. The Hub Manager allows you to create and customize your Mobile Hubs by adding a header image and title, selecting link icons, choosing your color scheme, adding your link URLs, and titling your link icons for the user’s benefit. You can also add your contact information so users can reach you by phone or by email directly from the Hub. Once you save your Mobile Hubs you are ready to go live, but you can make quick edits to your Hubs at any time using the Hub Manager.

Your Mobile Hubs can link to all of your important digital information and calls to action. You can link to just about anything you can imagine: Product Pages, demo videos, case studies, infographics, sales decks, social media pages, surveys, maps, calendars/agendas, contact forms, lead-capture forms, digital marketing materials (PDFs), and so much more. The possibilities are truly endless!

When you set up your Mobile Hub, we provide you with a few options to deliver your Hub to the mobile devices of your audience through SMS text messaging:

1. HubLauncher Form: You should utilize Hub IQ’s intelligent HubLauncher forms as the primary tool to connect users to your Mobile Hub. Your HubLauncher form can be accessed on any smartphone or tablet. You, or the end-user, can simply enter the mobile phone number onto the form and press Send, and within seconds a link to your Mobile Hub will be sent via text message to the user’s phone.

2. Email Link: You can send an email to the user with a direct link to the Hub which they can open directly on their Mobile Phone.

3. SMS Short Code Number: Hub IQ can provide you with a unique SMS Keyword. You can include your SMS Keyword and our 5-digit Short Code number on any of your own print or digital marketing materials. Then, when users see your Keyword, they can text your Keyword to the 5-digit Short Code provided. Within seconds of sending that text message, the user will receive a text message auto-response with a link to your Mobile Hub.

When a user accesses your Mobile Hub they are guided through one of our intelligent Hub Gate forms. This literally serves as a gate to your Hub. You can choose which pieces of information you want them to provide (name, email, company, etc) before they are re-directed to your Hub. Once they pass through the Hub Gate form once they are not asked for this information again. If the user accesses the Mobile Hub via text message, which most users do, then their mobile phone number is automatically captured in the process.

Hub IQ provides you with an SMS Messaging interface in your customer back-end. It is here that you are able to create and send outgoing text messages to your leads. You can either send bulk messages to an entire lead list, or send messages one-by-one by selecting the desired individual(s). Once you create and send your message, the user(s) will usually receive your text message within seconds. It is important to note that text messages have the highest open rates of any digital marketing method at 96%, so your messages will be seen!

Hub IQ is Smart Mobile Engagement for a reason. Not only will you be able to view general Mobile Hub analytics (such as how many users have visited your Hubs and clicked links on your Hubs within a specified period of time), you will also be able benefit from user tracking analytics. Hub IQ allows you to see who has visited your Mobile Hubs, and we also tell you what they did while visiting your Hubs. With our customizable lead scoring system, you will be able to score each user’s activity based on which links they clicked (and how many times). This lead scoring allows you to easily determine which users are your most qualified leads for follow up purposes.

Hub IQ’s customer back-end provides a cloud-based Mobile Engagement Platform for your mobile marketing efforts. In the back-end you can build and edit your Mobile Hubs, create and launch your Hub Gate forms, customize your lead scoring system, view powerful analytics, manage your collected leads, and initiate outgoing text messages.

Hub IQ’s monthly subscription plans are paid at the beginning of each month for use of our service for the remainder of that month. Although there are no refunds, you can cancel at any time. If cancellation takes place in the middle of a paid month, then your service will remain active until the end of that month. We offer 1 month, 6 month and 12 month subscription plans, with price break discounts available for the 6 month and 12 month subscription plans.