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Smart Mobile Engagement for Events

A Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP) for event organizers and event exhibitors.
Hub IQ Was Made for Events

Events come in many shapes and sizes. They include trade shows, expos, user conferences, galas, conventions, fairs, meetings, etc. No matter if you are involved with organizing events or exhibiting at them, Hub IQ can help you to effectively connect with the people who matter most, the attendees.


Give Attendees What They Want

Have you ever noticed that 99% of attendees have their mobile phone with them at an event, and that most of them are utilizing their phone frequently? Quite honestly, some of them even have two smartphones by their side at any given time. If you are not successfully reaching attendees on their mobile phone, then you are not effectively reaching them.

Admit it…as an event organizer or exhibitor you are sometimes so inundated with what you’re trying to accomplish that you tend to forget to think about things from an attendee’s perspective. Attendees don’t want to be handed printed materials that they’ll have to carry around the rest of the day. Nor do attendees want to be pestered by exhibitors who are begging them to scan their badge for their contact info (which, by the way, gives the attendee nothing in return). Perhaps most importantly, research shows that about 63% of attendees at an event do not want to, and consequently will not, download an event’s mobile app that would only be used for a few days.

So what do attendees want? Attendees DO want to access information about the event and exhibitors of interest on their mobile phone, but they DO NOT want to have to download/install/update anything on their phone in order to do it. They also want to be able to access the content quickly and easily on their phone, not having to search through an app store hoping to find the right mobile app that will likely crash as soon as it is located, installed and accessed (10 minutes later). Existing mobile solutions are not giving attendees what they want…until now!


The Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP)

Hub IQ offers a unique content delivery and engagement tool that is the perfect mobile solution for event organizers, exhibitors AND attendees. Our MEP provides you with an effective way to display all of your most important information and calls to action onto the attendee’s mobile phone screen within seconds via text message, which is a method of access that all demographics are comfortable and familiar with.

As each attendee accesses your digital content, they will pass through one of our intelligent Hub Gate forms, allowing you to capture their contact info in the process and track their activity with useful analytics. Because you are capturing the attendee’s mobile phone number in the process, you then have the ability to send them text messages notifications throughout the event, and throughout the year, using your Hub IQ customer back-end. This is important to note because text messages have the highest open rates of any marketing method at 96%, and that rate is significantly higher than a mobile app’s push notifications.

Meet the Mobile Hub


At the core of Hub IQ’s offering are easily customizable Mobile Hubs (pictured above). As an event organizer, your Event Hub can tie into both external links such as your social media pages and registration/ticketing system, as well as your existing web content for the event. You can easily link to important content such as the event’s schedule, floorplan, exhibitor list, sponsors, etc. As an exhibitor, your Mobile Hub can link to important content such as product pages, demo videos, case studies, social media pages, surveys, contact forms, digital marketing materials (PDFs), and so much more.

Our Mobile Hubs are also cross-platform (meaning they work on all smartphones), so you do not need to have an Android and iPhone version of your Mobile Hub like you would with a mobile app! Reaching event attendees on their mobile phone has become more important than ever. Hub IQ makes that possible, and simply so, with our effective Mobile Engagement Platform. So what are you waiting for? Give Hub IQ a try today, and start giving attendees what they want while also gaining vital info you need in return.