Planning Your Show With An Attendee’s Perspective | Hub IQ

Many of us have attended events both as attendees and exhibitors. We know how it feels to be on both sides. Yet, for some reason as soon as we cross over the line into exhibitor mode, we completely forget how much we hate being approached, getting our badges scanned and carrying around a bunch of papers that end up in the trash anyway.

One particular event in Vegas I went to as an attendee typifies why many people hate event marketing. My experience here was indicative of most of the events I have attended.

Let’s look at the event experience from each side of the spectrum.

My View as the Attendee:

First I was handed a map of the expo. I briefly looked at it and made some mental notes, but it was crowded and the place was huge, so standing there trying to make sense of an expo map seemed like such a hindrance. I navigated to the section I wanted to be in and folded up the map and stuck it in my pocket. I don’t think I looked at it again.

Then as I began walking down one of the isles I was bombarded by aggressive salesmen, flyrs and slicks getting shoved into my hands. I would stick them in the bag where they likely would never be looked at. By the time I had walked to the end of the third isle, my feet hurt, my bag was full of papers and I was hungry. I ended up not even seeing 90% of the rest of the conference. It was too big and I was agitated and tired.

I packed some of the flyers to take home, but then I never looked at them again. I arrived back to work to a barrage of emails and calls from places that had scanned my badge in exchange for a free key chain or flash light. I unsubscribed from all of them.

My View as the Exhibitor:

It’s all about the numbers. The more people I can scan, the more leads I can create, the more sales I might have. So I wait for someone to meander by my booth, glancing, trying not to let me know he is glancing and then I move in for the kill. I manage to get the guy to sign up for our free iPad giveaway in exchange for a badge scan and I hand him a flyer or catalog. My goal is to reach my quota for the event.

Then I go back home and back to work. I send an email to the list of badge scans I got from the event. I get 7% open rate, a .2% CTR and a whole lotta unsubscribes. Then my CFO is complaining asking me why did we spend a couple thousand to exhibit if none of these leads turn into SQLs.

Ok, I am being a bit dramatic, it’s not always that bad on either side, but I think we can all agree that we call can relate to these experiences in some way.

There is a Better Way:

Hub IQ not only solves these problems, but enhances the entire exhibitor and attendee experience. Instead of handing out a stack of promotional flyers, slicks and brochures that just get thrown away, we make it all mobile and accessible on a mobile phone that is accessed via text messaging. Once your attendees trigger a text at your booth, they will get all of your collateral and CTA’s and you will capture their contact info so you can text them later. Now you can cut down on your printing expenses, increase engagement, follow-up via text rather just depend on fighting for attention in a cluttered inbox.

See how it works for yourself:

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