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Always Free Package

Mobile Hubs + HubLinks + Analytics + Texting
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  • 3 Mobile Hubs (up to 12 links per Hub).
  • 3 Customizable HubLinks.
  • Upload Custom Images for Hubs.
  • Capture User Contact Information (Optional).
  • Create a Customized Lead Scoring System.
  • View Analytics and Lead Scoring for Your Contacts.
  • Export Contacts as a CSV File.
  • 250 Text Credits to Send Outgoing Text Messages.
  • Additional Text Credits Available in Bundles ($0.04 per Text Credit)
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Mobile Hubs + HubLinks + Analytics + Texting
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Event Organizer Package

Event Hubs + HubLinks + Analytics + Texting
  • Access to our complete Mobile Engagement Platform for 1 year.
  • Unlimited Events.
  • Unlimited Mobile Hubs (up to 12 links per Mobile Hub).
  • Unlimited HubGate Forms (to capture contact info and trigger the Mobile Hub link to be sent as a text message).
  • 50,000 text credits for outgoing text messages per year.
  • 1 Text Message (SMS) Keyword.
  • Upload custom images for Mobile Hubs.
  • Create a customized lead-scoring system.
  • View analytics and lead-scoring for contacts.
  • Send outgoing text messages to contacts.
  • Export Contacts as a CSV file.
  • Optional Add-on - Text Message Keyword(s) available (+$300 per Keyword per year).
  • Optional Add-on - Additional text credits available in bundles. (+$ 0.04 per text credit).
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