How Does My Audience Access My Mobile Hub? | Hub IQ

When you set up your Mobile Hub, we provide you with a few options to deliver your Hub to the mobile devices of your audience through SMS text messaging:

1. HubLauncher Form: You should utilize Hub IQ’s intelligent HubLauncher forms as the primary tool to connect users to your Mobile Hub. Your HubLauncher form can be accessed on any smartphone or tablet. You, or the end-user, can simply enter the mobile phone number onto the form and press Send, and within seconds a link to your Mobile Hub will be sent via text message to the user’s phone.

2. Email Link: You can send an email to the user with a direct link to the Hub which they can open directly on their Mobile Phone.

3. SMS Short Code Number: Hub IQ can provide you with a unique SMS Keyword. You can include your SMS Keyword and our 5-digit Short Code number on any of your own print or digital marketing materials. Then, when users see your Keyword, they can text your Keyword to the 5-digit Short Code provided. Within seconds of sending that text message, the user will receive a text message auto-response with a link to your Mobile Hub.